In your opinion, why do known and reputable e-commerce sites sell more and more diverse and varied products? And why, on your side, can't you reach more customers ?

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Yes, you have part of the answer: because they have absolutely perfect product photos, which highlight their identity and the quality of what they sell - or the quality sought by the e-customer, rather. Nevertheless, whatever the quality of the product sold, the photo presented to the customer will be irreproachable.

The other part of the answer is that they spend thousands of euros every minute to appear in ads that are increasingly targeted, accurate and relevant - from the buyer's point of view.

However, you do not have an e-commerce site. And, I know, you don't have the same advertising budget as Amazon or CDiscount. However, this should not be an excuse to neglect your product photos.

In this article, we will see why to use a photographer and take real and beautiful pictures of products.

Here I give you 5+1 real reasons to use a photographer to take real and beautiful pictures of your products.

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1. Because it encourages the customer to buy

Okay, I admit it: this one was simple. But it is central. Whether or not you have an e-commerce site, you will encourage your customer to buy your products if the photos are beautiful, if they make you want to. The goal is clear: to increase your sales (in the broadest sense of the word).

In addition, among the many competitors who will not have pretty professional and well worked pictures, your photos will stand out from the crowd. You will draw attention to both "image" searches and social networks and you will mark the spirit on your website.

A beautiful image gallery is a guarantee of quality and reliability for your regular customers, potential customers or customers to win back.


2. Because it allows you to get messages across

The work around the image is complex. Communicating through images is a profession and, once mastered, semiotics makes it possible to convey indirect messages that will give a new indirect direction to your main messages, or more simply reinforce your main message.

Semiotics, or semiology, is a field that focuses on signs and symbols. If you want a feeling of cold to be felt by a customer looking at a picture of your product, a multiplicity of symbols should be included by the photographer when taking the picture. The graphic design stage is also essential in this work.


3. Because you don't master the picture

Frankly, this one I could have put it in the first position: it is so obvious. But using a photographer is the best solution to really make your photos successful. That's right: you can have a full-format camera at €1,800 "for fun", but if you take it out once a year on holiday and put it on automatic, you don't know how to master it... and your product photos will be full of roughness and defects. And these defects will be obvious to your potential customers.


4. Because you don't have the necessary hindsight

Photography is a profession. It is a passion above all but it is necessary to know how to position oneself in front of an object (in the broad sense) whatever it is to be able to honour it. For you, the object in question represents your product. You believe in this product, you love it, but you don't necessarily know how to enhance it. You are familiar with this product every day: you no longer know how to see it other than the way you want to see it.

The practice of photography at the professional level requires an essential perspective on the subject / object / product in order to get the most out of it. This perspective requires a critical mind and time for analysis.


5. Because you don't have the equipment

So okay. Today's smartphones allow anyone to take very beautiful pictures, but be careful: the use of smartphones still has quite a few limits when you want to take pictures of products with a professional look. Although... it's not so much the use of the smartphone that's the problem, but rather the use of a host of accessories that will make your product photos unique and perfect. Understanding the importance of light in photography is essential and, among the essential accessories, light points are essential.

By using a professional photographer to take your product photos, you will be asking for the assistance of a qualified person, a professional who understands what light is, and how to break unsightly shadows that you can't break in the background.


5+1 Because your company will thank you

Yes, it may sound silly but you have something else to do than try to take pictures of products when you don't know anything about depth of field! Perform tasks you are good at, do your job and let other professionals do theirs!

This will provide many services to your company: you will save time and money (even if the services of other external professionals represent a certain budget). You will be more in your place to manage your usual missions and make your company prosper or have new ideas.